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Streamline Your Board Document Management

Streamline Your Board Document Management

You are responsible for a broad range of sensitive documents daily and many are required to do the strategic direction of your business. It’s important that these documents are organized and easily accessible, especially when multiple parties access them. With a centralized digital board, document center access is restricted to approved users while all documents are saved and archived in a single location. This will save your team from the hassle of having to sift through piles of papers or search endlessly on shared drives.

Additionally, a virtual boardroom provides your organization with a powerful search feature that makes it easy to locate any kind of information quickly. When your board members have quick and easy access to all the essential documents they need for their meetings, they will be able to make more informed decisions and enhance governance.

Board administration can be an extremely time-consuming job and it can be difficult to keep track of all the agenda items along with the documents and other information that is associated with every meeting. It can also be difficult to manage and communicate with colleagues especially when the meeting takes place in different locations.

When you are choosing a portal for your board Choose a provider that has a simplified and automated process that meets the requirements of your board of directors and executive committee. The most effective solutions provide an interactive calendar that shows upcoming meetings, allows for the rapid upload of meeting materials and features tools that help to keep engagement high. Be sure to also evaluate the quality and extent of the support provided by the vendor.

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